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Overseas StudySurance

Comprehensive protection for students studying abroad

Overseas StudySurance provides comprehensive protection for students during their study trip overseas. It includes protection for medical expenses, personal accident, worldwide personal liability, accidental loss of and damage to personal belongings, emergency family reunion expenses, education fund and more.

  • Get medical expenses benefits of up to HKD2,500,000

  • Travel, internship and part-time employment coverage as long as it is not in a manual employment capacity

  • Get personal accident benefits of up to HKD1,200,000

  • Worldwide coverage personal belongings up to HKD20,000

Limited time offer

  • Apply for Overseas StudySurance on or before 31 October 2022 to receive an instant 10% discount off your premium in perpetual* and HKD200 in YATA gift certificates.
  • Free Quarantine Protection Programme for Travel Insurance Customers Returning to Hong Kong

*The discount applies at policy inception and renewal afterwards (if applicable)

Choose the coverage you need during your study trip overseas

Maximum limit of indemnity per period of insurance (HKD) /Plan
Worldwide plan# (excluding USA and Canada)
USA and Canada plan
Medical and related expenses 2,500,000 2,500,000
Worldwide personal belongings
20,000 20,000
Worldwide personal liability 2,000,000 2,000,000
Study interruption 300,000 300,000
Travel delay 3,000 per trip
(300 for the first 5 hours, 500 for every 5 hours thereafter)
3,000 per trip
(300 for the first 5 hours, 500 for every 5 hours thereafter)
Worldwide emergency assistance service Actual cost Actual cost

Choose the coverage you need during your study trip overseas

Maximum limit of indemnity per period of insurance (HKD) /Plan
Medical and related expenses
Worldwide plan# (excluding USA and Canada)
USA and Canada plan 2,500,000
Maximum limit of indemnity per period of insurance (HKD) /Plan
Worldwide personal belongings
Worldwide plan# (excluding USA and Canada)
USA and Canada plan 20,000
Maximum limit of indemnity per period of insurance (HKD) /Plan
Worldwide personal liability
Worldwide plan# (excluding USA and Canada)
USA and Canada plan 2,000,000
Maximum limit of indemnity per period of insurance (HKD) /Plan
Study interruption
Worldwide plan# (excluding USA and Canada)
USA and Canada plan 300,000
Maximum limit of indemnity per period of insurance (HKD) /Plan
Travel delay
Worldwide plan# (excluding USA and Canada)
3,000 per trip
(300 for the first 5 hours, 500 for every 5 hours thereafter)
USA and Canada plan 3,000 per trip
(300 for the first 5 hours, 500 for every 5 hours thereafter)
Maximum limit of indemnity per period of insurance (HKD) /Plan
Worldwide emergency assistance service
Worldwide plan# (excluding USA and Canada)
Actual cost
USA and Canada plan Actual cost

# Includes United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, mainland China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Major exclusion

  • Pre-existing medical conditions and events which existed prior to the effect of insurance
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage and all complications
  • Mental or nervous disorders, alcoholism, or drug addiction
  • Criminal act, suicide or wilfully self-inflicted injury or illness
  • AIDS, venereal disease, congenital anomalies or deformities
  • War (whether declared or not) or any act thereof, invasion or civil war including riot and civil commotion amounting to popular uprising
  • Nuclear fission, nuclear fusion or radioactive contamination arising from non-terrorist event
  • Sanction, regulation, prohibition, restriction by government, customs or other authorities
  • Engaging in sports or games in professional capacity or to earn remuneration. Racing other than on foot, including swimming race, motor rallies and motor competitions, riding or driving in any kind of race, mountaineering or trekking at altitude above 5,000 meters, scuba diving deeper than 30 meters below sea level, ski-jumping, use of bob-sleighs, gliding, parachuting, pot-holing, hunting or aviation (other than as a fare-paying passenger in a fully licensed aircraft)
  • Incidental manual work which is not reasonably expected within a non-manual employment. Employment for manual work including but not limited to delivery worker, cook, cleaning worker, car repair, fitness trainer, yoga instructor, lifeguard and farmer
  • Trip cancellation under red or black outbound travel alert for the reason of a pandemic
  • Medical Expenses (Section 1) and Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service (Section 7) if a claim is due to a vaccine-preventable disease where (i) the insured student fails to obtain the related vaccine and (ii) such vaccine is mandatorily required by the government(s) of Hong Kong SAR and/or the country/region the insured student is travelling to

For details of all exclusions, please refer to the policy wording.

Frequently asked questions

Things you should know


To apply for Overseas StudySurance:

  • you must hold a HSBC bank account or HSBC credit card
  • you must hold a HKID card
  • you must be a Hong Kong resident with a valid HKID and must be in Hong Kong SAR when you apply for this insurance policy
  • the Study Trip must depart from Hong Kong SAR
  • the Insured Student must be registered as a full-time overseas student studying overseas in an accredited educational institution that is authorised to operate in the country/region of study
  • the Insured Student must be a Hong Kong resident aged between 10 and 40
  • if the Insured Student is under 18 years old, their parent or legal guardian must be the applicant and policyholder

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Additional information

Please note that Overseas StudySurance's coverage may overlap with your other existing protection plans' coverage or exceed your needs, we suggest you compare Overseas StudySurance's coverage with any existing protection plan you have in place to avoid duplication.

General Insurance products are applicable to HSBC Account holders and HSBC credit card holders only.

The above information is intended as a general summary. Please refer to the policy wording for exact terms and conditions and details of the exclusions.

The above policy is underwritten by AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited ("AXA"), which is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority of the Hong Kong SAR. AXA will be responsible for providing your insurance coverage and handling claims under your policy. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited is registered in accordance with the Insurance Ordinance (Cap. 41 of the Laws of Hong Kong) as an insurance agent of AXA for distribution of general insurance products in the Hong Kong SAR. General insurance plans are products of AXA but not HSBC.


For monetary disputes arising between HSBC and you out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction by HSBC, HSBC will enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with you. On the other hand, for any disputes over the terms and conditions of your policy, AXA will resolve with you directly.