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Family services

We know your family means everything to you. With HSBC Premier’s exclusive benefits, you can lead a full and rewarding life for you and your family.  These benefits range from financial management to providing support for your children’s overseas education needs.

Education planning

HSBC Premier provides a full range of banking and educational support services, from researching study destinations, to setting up overseas banking facilities, to helping you plan ahead for your children's overseas education. These services include:

  • Exclusive offers from professional education consultants – from the selection of an ideal school, to school applications to lessons and assessments
  • Education seminars – by professional education consultants exclusively for Premier to help you plan and prepare for your children’s overseas education 
  • Research – A global consumer research study “The Value of Education” was commissioned by HSBC to provide you with insights on education

Setting up overseas banking

  • You can set up overseas banking accounts with personal assistance from our International Banking Centre (IBC), in any country where HSBC operates. HSBC Premier customers can enjoy this service free and enjoy Premier status anywhere1
  • You can manage all your HSBC accounts around the world with a single log-in via Personal Internet Banking, and enjoy near-real time money transfers between self-named accounts with preferential exchange rates2, and no processing fee, through the Global View and Global Transfers service


Comprehensive support for your children

  • Your children can open an HSBC bank account in most countries they may be visiting or studying, through our IBC3 and obtain an ATM card4 prior to their departure to give you peace of mind
  • You can apply for a supplementary Premier credit card5 in Hong Kong for your children so they can enjoy the same level of privileges and emergency support as you enjoy
  • You can count on us to offer your children assistance through emergency card replacement6 and emergency encashment7 for access to instant cash up to USD2,000 from 8,500 HSBC outlets worldwide

Protection for the family


We provide a broad range of insurance products so your family can thrive with complete peace of mind. These include:

  • Home contents insurance – covering personal liability for customer and family, and coverage when outside Hong Kong
  • Medical insurance: a comprehensive range of medical cover options for you and your loved ones

Find out more on our comprehensive insurance products


Premier mortgages

We offer a range of mortgage solutions and flexible repayment options to meet your needs whether you are buying, trading up, or refinancing your properties

  • Enjoy waivers on selected mortgage fees and charges1
  • Deposit-linked Mortgage: provides a preferential savings interest rate up to an amount equal to 50% of the remaining balance on your mortgage. Both you and your spouse are eligible to enjoy the preferential savings interest rate giving you more flexibility to manage family finances
  • Flexible mortgage arrangement to suit your family’s home ownership needs2: you can have family members supporting the mortgage by acting as guarantor or joint applicant. We also accept tri-party mortgage to give you the choice of having different family members acting as mortgagor and borrower

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Insurance and mortgages for the family

Shared Premier Status

HSBC Premier provides different types of accounts for your children, so they can start their wealth management planning and enjoy the same services and privileges both locally and overseas.


Premier Junior Pack1

To give your children aged below 18 a head start in financial management. Both you and your children can benefit from:

  • Fund transfers between your accounts under HSBC Premier and the Junior Pack so you can allocate your funds flexibly
  • Cash Cards for your children, so they can easily withdraw cash from their Junior Pack current account all over the world via the HSBC Group's ATM network2 , while you retain ultimate control over the account. You can save on Telegraphic Transfers charges when your children are studying abroad
  • A separate statement for the Junior Pack account for your children to understand the fundamentals of finances under your guidance
  • At your request, the same Relationship Manager will be assigned to look after your portfolio under Premier as well as Junior Pack
  • Probate Bypass Trust: An optional solution for parents to pass on their wealth to their children, giving you and your family added peace of mind


Premier for Next Generation

Open a new Premier Joint Account with your children aged 18 -21 so they can enjoy a wide range of privileged banking services at home or overseas. Exclusive privileges include:

  • Enjoy a Below Balance Fee waiver for the first 4 years3
  • Exclusive access to HSBC Premier Centres worldwide with support from a dedicated team of Relationship Managers for your wealth management and banking needs
  • A new HSBC bank account with no opening charge in selected countries/regions you may be visiting or where you children may be studying, and an ATM card4 prior to departure
  • Money transfers between your accounts globally at no charge with Global Transfer
Premier Junior pack

Discover the fuller life stories of our customers

Donnie Yen - International Superstar: HSBC Premier customer since 2004

Planning for his children's education

Outside the film business, my biggest achievement has definitely been my family. Since the kids were born, I've dedicated myself to paving the way for them to enjoy a life that's both full and rewarding. The international products offered by HSBC Premier have allowed us to cultivate good financial habits in our kids and helped us plan their education.

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