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Flexible payment options for your Apple products

Get your hands on the latest Apple products with more flexibility.

Pay for your new Apple products over time, interest-free

Buy the new Apple products that you've been eyeing with a payment plan that suits your pace and needs! Easily pay back in affordable monthly instalments without any interest and handling fees, using your HSBC credit card. Wait no more, start owning the latest Apple products with the freedom of flexible payments! 

Key benefits

Affordable monthly instalments

Purchase designated Apple products at designated mobile services providers to get a preferential monthly instalment rate

Upgrades made easy

Return your device to the designated mobile services provider, and enjoy a 'Guaranteed Buy-Back Value'[@cards-guaranteedbuybackvalue] that you can use to pay toward an upgrade

Earn Rewards for repayment

Earn RewardCash on your HSBC credit card – simply by repaying instalments each month

How it works

Month 1: Kick off your monthly instalments

  • Enjoy greater financial flexibility with preferential monthly instalments for your device, while locking in its value with 'Guaranteed Buy-Back Value'
  • Earn RewardCash simply by repaying the monthly instalments. No interest, no handling fees

Month 24: Upgrade or keep your device

After 24 months, you have the choice to either:
  • upgrade your device by returning it to a designated mobile services provider, and offset the remaining instalments with its 'Guaranteed Buy-Back Value'
  • or keep your device and continue to pay the remaining instalments

Save more on designated Apple products

"iPhone for Life" Payment Plan

Get yourself the latest iPhone hassle-free! Enjoy affordable monthly instalments whether you buy a standalone device or join the service plan at designated mobile services providers.

Apple Watch and iPad Instalment Plan

Enjoy the same preferential monthly instalments also on the latest Apple Watch and iPad at selected designated mobile services providers, and upgrade to newer models using the 'Guaranteed Buy-Back Value'.

Buying other Apple products?

Interest-free Merchant Instalment Plan

Buy other Apple products, such as AirPods, a Mac, or an AppleCare+ package at the above mobile services providers or other designated Apple authorised reseller using your HSBC credit card. Enjoy financial flexibility with manageable monthly instalments, all while earning rewards on your spends.

Discover the latest offers and available merchants on the HSBC Reward+ app.

Things you need to know

Frequently asked questions

Get more from your credit card

Unlock flexibility for spending with our Interest-free Merchant Instalment Plan.
Unlock better budgeting – turn your credit card transactions or statement balance into 6 to 60 monthly instalments.


    To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay! T&Cs apply.