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Make your next move, make your mark

Whether it’s here or around the world, Hong Kong always finds a way to make its presence heard.

Opening up a world of opportunity

Listen carefully, and you can hear it. The unique rhythm of Hong Kong. No matter where you are in the world, this city’s sound resonates with endeavour and positive action. Through the power of our international networks, we connect everyone in Hong Kong to more than 62 countries and territories. We are here to open up a world of opportunity  to make your presence heard worldwide.   

Make your next move, make your mark

The rhythm of our city is born from every restless act for every important ambition. We hear Hong Kong from sunrise to sunset, echoing from here to the other side of the world. That’s why our international networks ensures everyone has the confidence to make their move anywhere.   

Whether it’s your future or your loves one

This is the sound of the future. Through our international networks, we hear everyone who’s planning their next move for their family and support them through and through. We’re here to help you seize opportunities every step of the way, making the whole world your home.   

Whether starting a business or expanding overseas

This is the sound of ambition. Through the power of our international network and digital innovation, we provide you with global insights and local intelligence to grow your business. We help you capture business opportunities at every stage, anywhere in the world. Learn more.

Connecting you with a world of opportunity

Hong Kong and the world are constantly inspiring each other. At HSBC, we strive to continue to open up a world of opportunity to strengthen these connections.

For individuals

With our global presence and on-the-ground local knowledge, we have the right solutions and expertise to respond quickly to your international banking needs and aspirations.

For businesses

In the past 157 years, HSBC has been a part of business' journeys of growth and prosperity, from startups, small and medium enterprises to global corporations. By leveraging our international networks and exclusive insights, we connect businesses to opportunities in all corners of the world, supporting them to achieve their unique business ambitions.

For communities

The long-term prosperity of our communities has always been a focus of HSBC. Through the Hongkong Bank Foundation, we support partnerships that build community resilience, promote inclusion and drive sustainable development, empowering future generations to thrive.