Make easy transfers to your self-named HSBC accounts worldwide with Global Transfers in near real time. Exclusive to HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers.

Benefits of international money transfer

  • Secure and convenient
  • Lower fees for Personal Internet Banking users
  • Set up transfers forward-dated by up to 45 days so you will not be penalised for any missed due dates; you can also view and delete the future dated transactions

Move money now

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What you need to know before making a transfer by phone

For a self-named account fund transfer within local HSBC and bill payment services, you can place an instruction via the automated phone banking hotline (non-manned service) 24 hours a day. For other payment services, for example using autoPay and standing instructions, you can use our hotline and speak to a customer service officer.

Please note when making a transfer

To comply with the new requirement announced by the People's Bank of China, all customers are required to indicate the purpose of payment in the instructions for overseas telegraphic transfers denominated in Renminbi. For personal customers, please refer to the "Renminbi Outward Payments Purpose Code List [PDF]" for the definition and coverage of each purpose code, with effect from 28 April 2014.

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