As an HSBC Jade client, you will benefit from a specially appointed Jade Director and enjoy access to our most qualified financial experts, wealth management solutions and preferential pricing, as well as an array of exclusive lifestyle privileges.

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Your dedicated wealth management partner

HSBC Jade provides you with a range of carefully crafted investment solutions and exclusive products to help guide your wealth management strategy. You will be supported by a dedicated Jade Director, alongside a team of multi-disciplinary experts. At the same time, you will enjoy seamless and prioritised service to support you and your family, wherever in the world you may be.

Your bespoke lifestyle partner

The HSBC Jade concierge service, delivered by Ten Lifestyle Group2, offers you access to a range of tailored luxury experiences and lifestyle benefits. From direct booking for flights, hotels and travel experiences to invitations to private events and much more, our concierge service is designed to support and enrich your passions and interests.

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Welcome to HSBC Jade

A world of exclusive privileges awaits you.

Exclusive wealth expertise

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The tools and expertise to manage your wealth the way you want. From global wealth expertise and market insights to optimised investment models and exclusive products.

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A personal HSBC Jade Director to help manage your financial needs, alongside the direct support of a team of area-specific specialists.

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Enhanced levels of service, including preferential pricing, exclusive products, accelerated application processes and Jade Centres for private meetings with your Jade Director.

A selection of digital tools tailored to your needs


Access the new HSBC Wealth Insights hub to help you make informed investment decisions


Explore the HSBC range of mobile apps and bank with even more convenience

Join the exclusive world of HSBC Jade

HSBC Jade is a privileged and personalised service for clients who maintain an average daily Total Relationship Balance of at least HKD7.8M with us in Hong Kong. Terms and Conditions apply.

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1 HSBC Jade is an enhancement of your HSBC Premier service. Your HSBC Jade Banking relationship will be governed by the HSBC Jade Terms and Conditions and the Integrated Account Terms and Conditions (as updated from time to time).

2 HSBC Jade clients will enter into a direct agreement with the Ten Lifestyle Group PLC under which Ten Lifestyle Group PLC and its affiliates will deliver the lifestyle service available under the HSBC Jade concierge service. HSBC will not be a party to that agreement and will not be responsible for the delivery of the lifestyle services. The HSBC Jade concierge service digital platform is owned and operated by Ten Lifestyle Group PLC.