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Deposit-linked Mortgage

Offset a part of your mortgage interest by earning higher interest on a portion of your savings.

Earn more interest, enjoy more flexibility

Our Deposit-linked Mortgage is available for HSBC Premier, HSBC One or Personal Integrated Account customers. Earn preferential interest on a portion of your savings (up to 50% of the outstanding balance of your mortgage) at the same interest rate as your mortgage repayments.

Key benefits

Earn more, pay less

Enjoy higher interest on your savings to offset your mortgage interest

Earn preferential interest on your savings balance

Get preferential interest on up to 50% of the outstanding balance on your mortgage

Manage your mortgage and savings easily

Maintain separate accounts for your mortgage and savings

A simple application process

Get personal help from HSBC mortgage specialists

How you can save with a Deposit-linked Mortgage

This example shows how you can save 39% in interest expenses with a Deposit-linked Mortgage compared to a standard mortgage plan. We'll assume:

  • a loan amount of HKD2 million with a repayment period of 20 years
  • a savings interest rate of 1.89% p.a. with the Deposit-linked mortgage, compared to 0.01% p.a. with a regular savings account
  • a mortgage interest rate of 1.89%
  • a monthly mortgage instalment of HKD10,014
  • a lump sum deposit amount of HKD500,000

With a standard mortgage plan, the interest you'll pay over your entire loan tenor would be:

HKD403,348 (net mortgage interest payment) − HKD100 (savings interest return at 0.01% p.a.) = HKD403,248 (net interest expense)

With a Deposit-linked Mortgage, the interest you'll pay over the same period would be:

HKD403,348 (net mortgage interest payment) − HKD157,397 (savings interest return at 1.89% p.a.) = HKD245,951 (net interest expense)

Figures shown above are for reference only and assume a HIBOR-based mortgage drawn on 1 May 2016. Please contact us for details.

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How to apply

Meet with us

You can book an appointment to meet a mortgage specialist in person at a designated branch.

Call us

Give us a call to get your application started. Lines are open 9:00am to 8:00pm, Mondays to Fridays, and 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays, except public holidays.

Application hotline:

(852) 2748 8080

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