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Fixed Rate Mortgage Plan

A mortgage loan plan at a fixed interest rate, giving you full control over your mortgage interest rate and monthly repayments

Maintain repayment stability even amidst uncertainty of interest rate trend

Enjoy a fixed mortgage interest rate during the fixed rate period. This way, you can avoid the impact of interest rate fluctuations and manage your finances with ease throughout the fixed rate period. 

  • Enjoy a stable interest rate throughout the fixed rate period

  • More control over your monthly financial commitment with a fixed repayment amount

  • To offset part of your mortgage interest expense, you can opt for a Deposit-linked Mortgage Repayment Plan[@mortgage-deposit-linked] to enjoy a preferential interest rate at the same rate as the mortgage interest rate on your savings balance up to 50% of the remaining balance of your mortgage

  • A simple application process with personal help from HSBC mortgage specialists

  • T&Cs apply. Please refer to the product information for details.

1-year Fixed Rate:

2.75% p.a.[@mortgages-fixed-rate-drawdown-period]

Things you should know

How to apply

Talk with us

Book an appointment with our mortgage specialists at your nearest Mortgage Centre or branch.

Or call (852) 2748 8080

Apply online

Use your Security Device / Mobile Security Key to log on and apply.

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    In the event of a dispute arising out of this promotion, the decision of the Bank shall be final and conclusive.