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Pay with your HSBC Card using Android PayTM

You can use Android Pay on almost all AndroidTM devices1. Choose your device and add your HSBC Credit Card to enjoy all the benefits of your card. It is a simple and secure way to pay.

Download the Android Pay app in Google Play store and add your card to the app so to make transactions with your Android device in thousands of stores across town - anywhere with Visa payWave or MasterCard contactless payment terminals or in participating apps.


  • Android Pay is simple and it works with almost all Android devices1.
  • Android Pay is secure because your card information isn't stored on your device or shared when you pay. For added security, you will be asked to unlock your device for certain payments from time to time.
  • You can easily manage your Android Pay transactions. Your last 10 transactions are available in your device and all transactions will be listed on your statement with clear indication of "ANDROID PAY"
  • You can continue to enjoy all the benefits and rewards from your HSBC credit card

1Android Pay works with most NFC capable Android devices running Android 4.4 (KitKat?) or higher.

Ready to use Android Pay?

  •  I have an eligible Android devices1
  •  I have downloaded the latest Android Pay app
  •  I am a cardholder with a personal HSBC HKD Visa Credit Card or MasterCard Credit Card

How to add a card to Android Pay

Don't have an HSBC credit card? Do you want to use Android Pay?

  • Pay with Android Pay

Set up is simple

To add your card to Android Pay, just complete the simple steps for your compatible device as below:

1) Open the Android Pay app on your device. If you don’t have it yet, download it here.

2) Click "Add Card" and use the camera of your device to capture your card details, then enter other information manually when     prompted.

3) Use one-time verification code for authentication and your HSBC card is ready to use with Android Pay.

Click "Add Card" Capture info by camera Confirm CVC Confirm address & card details* Enter one-time passcode Ready for Payment

* Address and card details will not be updated to our banking record.

More Information:

  • If you have 2 Google Accounts, you can select your preferred one when you first enter the app. You can later switch account in the app too. Any card added to the Android device is device & account combination specific. Therefore, if you switch your account, you will have to add the card again.
  • The same card can be added up to nine device & account combinations.
  • The first card you added will become your default card. Payment will be made from this card unless another card is set to default. You can change your default card anytime by selecting the alternative card and tapping "Set as default card".
  • You can also remove your card anytime by selecting the card and tapping "Remove card".

See our illustration to add a card:

HSBC Premier MasterCard ® Credit Card

Get instant recognition, personalised services and privileges all over the world.

HSBC Visa Signature Card

Enjoy extra RewardCash and special travel and leisure privileges.

HSBC Visa Platinum Card

The HSBC Visa Platinum Card offers cardholders a wide range of unsurpassed advantages, instant recognition and exclusive privileges.

HSBC with Samsung

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your HSBC Credit Card with Samsung Pay. It’s simple, secure and works almost anywhere.

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