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Foreign Exchange (FX)

Buying property overseas, paying for your children’s study abroad or saving for retirement in a foreign country. Whatever your goals for the future, you can invest in foreign currency to grow your money – as well as use it for everyday transactions abroad.

  • Trade currencies 24 hour online and over the phone
  • Manage up to 11 major foreign currencies in a single account
  • Investing in foreign currency through Margin FX
  • Use FX Order Watch to set up a target foreign exchange rate to convert funds automatically

How to invest

Make foreign exchange transaction or trade through HSBC Personal Internet Banking

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Log on to make a foreign exchange transaction or trade

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HSBC’s 24-Hour Foreign Exchange Service

Trade currencies to gain potentially higher interest returns and capital appreciation by holding non-HKD currencies.

Top 3 benefits

  • Trade currencies around-the-clock1, with real-time tradable rates on HSBC Personal Internet Banking
  • Manage up to 11 major currencies at a competitive currency exchange rate2
  • Pre-order foreign currencies on HSBC Personal Internet Banking up to 5 business days in advance and enjoy speedy collection the next business day3 at your preferred HSBC Premier Centre's priority counter (exclusive for HSBC Premier customers) 4

Margin FX Trading Services

A higher risk currency investment product which provides leverage to qualifying customers that seek to include directional currency investments in their asset portfolio.

Top 3 benefits

  • 46-trading currency pairs from 11 major currencies including AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD and USD
  • Wide range of order types include market orders, limit orders, with or without take profit, stop loss or trailing stop options
  • No minimum trading amount requirement

FX Order Watch Trading Services

HSBC Premier or HSBC Advance customers can set your own target exchange rate to convert funds and receive alert when the designated rate is hit.

Top 3 benefits

  • Monitor live rate streams 24 hours a day and 5.5 days a week, with all limit orders and rate alerts executed automatically when the target rate is reached
  • Support cross rate between any combination of the 11 major currencies
  • Provide real time market data and FX news including market spot reference and historical trend chart, technical analysis, and FX news and economic indicators

Global View and Global Transfer5

See all of your HSBC accounts in one place and make near real time transfers between them.

Top 3 benefits

  • View the balances of your HSBC accounts on one screen
  • Immediate or same-day transfer between eligible HSBC accounts
  • Preferential rates on foreign exchange transactions

Transfers and Payments

Save time and effort by completing transactions from home anytime.

Top 3 benefits

  • Secure and convenient local and international money transfers to any bank account
  • Pay more than 700 merchants including utilities, telephone, government and charities online using your HSBC bank account or credit card anytime
  • Make regular payments or send fund to a third party with autoPay and Standing instructions

ForEx/Renminbi Switching Services6

Transfer funds automatically from your HKD account to your foreign currency/Renminbi account (or vice versa) when your pre-set exchange rate and/or frequency (e.g. daily) criteria are met.

You can invest in foreign currency with HSBC via a number of ways. You can use our 24-Hour Foreign Exchange Service to place your exchange instruction anytime anywhere via internet or mobile banking.

If you have a target exchange rate in mind, you can use our FX Order Watch Trading Service to preset your instruction.

If you want to accumulate your foreign currencies or RMB via regular saving, you can use the ForEx / RMB Switching Service to preset your exchange instructions and we will automatically execute the instructions for you according to your preset criteria.

Customers can use HSBC's foreign exchange services for many purposes which include but not limit to the followings:

  • Meet your "wealth accumulation" needs, e.g. pre-set instruction using RMB switching service to accumulate RMB at your own pace.
  • Meet your "family" needs, e.g. use FX Order Watch and Rate Alert Service to pre-set instruction to convert funds to other currenices at your preferred rate to settle oversea payment like mortgage or tuition fee for your children.
  • Meet your "Lifestyle needs", e.g. use pre-order foreign currencies services when you plan to travel to overseas so as to save your queuing time for currency exchange at branch.

There are no Hong Kong regulatory restrictions on general foreign exchange. However, for margin FX, it is subject to regulatory restrictions.

When conducting in foreign exchange, customers need to be aware of the following risks.

Currency conversion risk - the value of your foreign currency and RMB deposit will be subject to the risk of exchange rate fluctuation. If you choose to convert your foreign currency and RMB deposit to other currencies at an exchange rate that is less favourable than the exchange rate in which you made your original conversion to that foreign currency and RMB, you may suffer loss in principal.

HSBC customers are provided with timely and comprehensive FX information from our FX specialist. Please refer to Foreign Exchange Market News section in our website and you will find the latest FX market information, including trend chart, technical analysis and comments from our FX specialist for most major currencies.

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1It will be processed on the transfer date as specified in your instruction subject to the following:

If you wish to process a transfer (exclude USD/CombiNation Passbook Savings) on the same day you place it, please submit the instruction from Monday 5am to Saturday 4:59am or Saturday 8am to 4:30pm. If you wish to process a transfer to USD/CombiNation Passbook Savings accounts on the same day you place it, please submit the instruction from Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm or Saturday 8am to 4:30pm. Please note that same day transfer cannot be processed on 1 January, 25 December, 12 midnight to 7:59 am on 26 December and 2 January.

If your forward-dated instruction falls on a business day on which the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or Typhoon #8 or above Signal is hoisted, your said instruction may be processed on the same day or the next business day depending on whether the Signal is lowered that day and if so, at what hours. Please always check your HSBC personal internet banking email box for the status of your transaction. The reference to "business day" means a day, other than a Sunday or public holiday, on which banks are open for general business in Hong Kong.

2Major currencies include Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollar, Swiss Franc, Thai Baht, US Dollar, and Renminbi.

3For order submitted at or before 15:00 HKT on any business day (Monday to Friday, except Public Holidays), the earliest collection day will be the following business day. Withdrawal in cash is subject to the availability of that foreign currency on the collection day at your preferred HSBC Premier Centre.

4Major currencies include Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, US Dollar, and Renminbi.

5Available to HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers only.

6ForEx Switching service/Renminbi Switching Service is available only to HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance, Personal Integrated Account customers, Renminbi Savings Account, HK Dollar Statement Savings Account and CombiNations Statement Savings Account customers.