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The courier delivers the package to the lady; the image used for International banking services.

International banking services

Dedicated products and services to help you and your family settle and travel overseas.

From purchasing your overseas property and planning your child’s education to global spending and travelling, we have the right solutions to fit your needs.

International mortgage

Our International Banking Centre (IBC) in Hong Kong can help you with your overseas property mortgage application. Here’s how to get started.

Application process

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Step 1: Book an appointment

HSBC integrated account holders can enquire about an overseas mortgage by appointment via phone +852 2233 3888, by email or online.Our IBC staff will then get in touch with you to discuss your application.

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Step 2: Requirements checklist

During the call, we'll discuss with you the requirements for an international mortgage for your destination market and walk you through the standard application process.

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Step 3: Destination market referral

After the call, we'll refer you to HSBC staff in your destination market. This way, you'll have people working for you on the ground in your country/region of residence as well as in your desired overseas market for a close follow-up on your mortgage application.

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Step 4: Mortgage approval

Our overseas staff will be in touch within a week upon receipt of the referral. Mortgage approval and the final offer is a decision made by the destination market, and subject to a satisfactory valuation result.

Overseas property insights

HSBC Jade clients and HSBC Premier customers may contact our partner directly for further information about property trends or for exclusive overseas property consultation services.

Overseas education planning and support

We can help you plan ahead for your children's future with a full range of international banking and educational support services.

Mother is looking at her graduated daughter; image used for overseas education planning and support.

Manage your child’s finances

  • Overseas account opening

    Get your child off to a great start and ready to hit the ground running with their own HSBC international bank account and ATM card, all before they leave home

  • Transfers

    Send money instantly to your child's HSBC account with HSBC Global Transfers

  • Emergency encashment1

    You and your child will have access to USD2,000 of emergency cash from 8,500 HSBC outlets worldwide

Women use library computer inquiry information; image used for prepare your child’s education.

Prepare your child’s education

  • Consultancy1

    Give your child a competitive advantage when applying for top boarding schools and overseas universities; our partners provide comprehensive and professional education services, from school applications to assessments

  • Seminars1

    Take part in exclusive education seminars to help you plan and prepare for your children’s overseas education and required examinations

  • Privileges

    Complimentary meetings and tutoring sessions with professional advisors and exclusive discount packages from our education partners [PDF]. Terms and conditions apply

Convenient global spending and travel

Take advantage of worldwide privileges while protecting yourself and your loved ones.

HSBC Jade Mastercard® Debit Card

HSBC Jade clients can access numerous lifestyle packages and benefits provided by our global luxury partners.

  • With the HSBC Jade Mastercard® Debit Card, you can withdraw cash and spend in 12 major currencies with zero fees

  • Get hot travel offers from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, and other exclusive partners

HSBC Premier Mastercard®

HSBC Premier customers and Jade clients can access personalised services, rebates and perpetual annual fee waiver with HSBC Premier Mastercard® Credit Card, as well as instant card member status recognition worldwide.

  • Up to a 6.4% RewardCash rebate on year-round overseas spending

  • Special rebates and extra Asia Miles for flight bookings via the Cathay Pacific website

  • 15% off hotel bookings via Expedia

Mother and daughter are enjoying spring; image used for global spending and travel.

TravelSurance provides you the freedom to explore the world. You can choose either a single trip policy or an annual pass according to your travel plans to ensure you are well covered. You'll receive comprehensive cover, express claims approval service2, and 24-hour worldwide assistance.

Getting started

Open an overseas bank account

Talk to our IBC staff who can help you open your overseas account.

Get in touch

Enquire about HSBC international banking services or an overseas account, or to make an appointment with our International Banking Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Exclusive to HSBC Jade clients and HSBC Premier customers
  2. Any qualified case for a claim amount below HKD5,000 will be processed immediately and the claims payment will be approved within 2 working days upon receipt of all required documents as may be required by AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited (AXA). Should further information be required, AXA will send a follow-up letter to the claimant within 5 working days.