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Couple climbing mountain; image used for HSBC Jade Wealth Management Services.

Your dedicated wealth management partner

We provide the expertise and solutions you'll need to build and manage a robust financial portfolio

A dedicated team

You'll receive support from an expert team assembled to help you make the most of your money.

  • Personal HSBC Jade Director
    A carefully selected HSBC Jade director with the qualifications needed to understand and manage your financial goals
  • Multi-disciplinary specialists
    An expert team of investment, mortgage and insurance experts to help you develop your wealth strategies
  • Relationship Officer
    An appointed officer to take care of your day-to-day banking essentials
  • Expert insights
    Seminars and reviews presented by HSBC experts and guest speakers, together with a dedicated HSBC Wealth Insights hub

Exclusive products and preferential rates

Products that offer you greater flexibility and returns to grow your wealth

Dedicated Bonds Services

  • Access to primary and secondary bond markets to capture global investment opportunities

Unit trusts investment financing

  • The ability to leverage your initial investment within a wide selection of unit trusts designed to meet income and yield enhancement objectives

Insurance solutions

  • Jade Global Generations Universal Life1 provides protection, liquidity, potential wealth accumulation2 and legacy planning for you and your loved ones

Fee waivers

Structured products

  • Enjoy greater investment flexibility in respect of underlying and payoff structures

Preferential pricing

  • Exclusive rates exceeding our Premier offerings to help maximise your investment

Time deposits

  • Preferential deposit rates to enhance your wealth management needs

Exclusive Time Deposit Offers for HSBC Jade clients.

USD new fund time deposits: Enjoy 0.15% p.a./0.15% p.a. for 3-month/6-month placement.

HKD new fund time deposits: Enjoy 0.50% p.a./0.55% p.a. for 3-month/6-month placement.

T&Cs apply. Click here for details

*The above interest rates are indicative as of 10 August 2020. They are not guaranteed and maybe subject to revision, as per prevailing market conditions. Please contact your dedicated Jade Director for the latest rates.

Priority services

Experience priority benefits and services for an enhanced banking experience.

  • Wealth Portfolio Intelligence Service
    Harness the unique benefits of our Wealth Portfolio Intelligence Service to take full control of your portfolio exposure across asset classes, geographies, risk factors and sophisticated scenario analyses. Find out more.
  • Dedicated centres
    Dedicated HSBC Jade Centres providing comfort and privacy for meetings with your Jade Director
  • HSBC Jade Dedicated Service Line
    HSBC Jade client can call our HSBC Jade Dedicated Service Line (852) 2233 3033. Your calls and inquiries will be answered by our most senior customer service officers.
  • Family upgrades
    Automatic upgrades for your partner and children, allowing them all of the additional benefits and privileges of HSBC Premier

Join the exclusive world of HSBC Jade

To help us better understand your needs, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

How to qualify

HSBC Jade is a privileged and personalised service for clients who maintain Total Relationship Balance of at least HKD7.8M with us in Hong Kong. Terms and Conditions apply.

Discover more about what HSBC Jade can do for you

Jade frozen ice; image used for HSBC Jade Exclusive Time Deposit Rates page.

Place deposits with rates exclusive to HSBC Jade clients

Evergreen trees; image used for Preferential rate from HSBC Jade.

Enjoy exclusive offerings on FX, stocks, and bonds to enhance your wealth management needs

Blue and green sequins; image used for HSBC Jade Unit Trust investment financing.

Leverage your initial investment within a wide selection of unit trusts, giving you the potential for maximal yields and returns

Jade Marble; image used for HSBC Jade Wealth Management Services.

Gain access to newly-issued bonds from well-recognised issuers in primary and secondary markets


1 Underwritten by and subject to credit risk of HSBC Life (International) Limited and early surrender loss. T&Cs apply. Please contact your HSBC Jade Director for more product details.

2 Potential wealth accumulation refers to account value accumulation, meaning accumulation of premiums paid, with interest added, less any charges and previously paid surrender amounts and claims, if applicable.

3 The document headed “Fees waived for HSBC Jade clients” provides a summary of all the fee waivers that HSBC Jade clients can enjoy.  The Bank tariff guide for HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management Customers shall always prevail in case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between this document and the bank tariff guide.