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Leaving a legacy and inheritance

Understanding your needs

Leaving a Legacy

Research shows that 70% of retired people plan to leave a legacy to their children or other relatives1. The median value of the inheritance people expect to leave their children is HKD1,134,7901

Liquidity of estate

  • Under most countries’ jurisdictions, when a person dies, someone has to deal with their money, property and possessions– their estate.
  • Then the deceased’s assets may be frozen until the court issues a probate, which gives a specified person the right to administer the estate.
  • Only then can the deceased’s frozen assets be touched and any money withdrawn or transferred from his/her bank accounts.
  • Probate applications can take a long time, and this may cause additional burden to families who are going through emotional distress.
  • To avoid the unnecessary hassle and ensure your wealth is distributed according to your wish, it is prudent to have a proper wealth transfer to give you control over your hard-earned money.

Separate your wealth transfer funds from retirement funds

Many people may think that evenly distributing all your remaining wealth is already a good plan to transfer wealth. There may in individual circumstances be merits to separating your wealth transfer funds from your retirement funds.

  • Ensure sufficient retirement savings
  • Ease your worries in consuming wealth you wish to pass on
  • Boost your estate benefits with insurance solutions2

Wealth transfer of family business and assets

  • An important and strong tradition within the Asian culture is passing on legacy and wealth to younger generation.
  • Assets may cover a variety of categories, some of which cannot be easily divided among your heirs.
  • When faced with a business and assets that cannot be divided, estate may not be fairly distributed to the successors.
  • There are circumstances when life insurance can help create more liquid assets at the point of distribution of your wealth.


An estate inventory

  • Real estate 
  • Securities (Stocks, Bonds and Unit Trusts)
  • Bank accounts
  • Collectibles
  • Life insurance policies 
  • Business
  • All tangible personal property (e.g. cars, boats)
  • MPF accounts

Your asset may cover a variety of categories, some of which cannot be easily divided among your heritance.

1Source: 2013 HSBC “Future of Retirement – Life after works?” Survey

2Subject to underwriting conditions

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