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HSBC Prism Advisory

Institutional portfolio-based advisory service enabling you to see beyond

See beyond

In an increasingly volatile investment landscape, clients are looking for an advisory service that focuses beyond the surface, delivers beyond the expected, and helps see beyond the complex.

HSBC Prism Advisory is a contractual, portfolio-based advisory and investment service for Wealth clients that combines expert guidance and data-driven insights. Institutional-quality portfolio and risk analytics are provided by Aladdin Wealth™ technology, an industry-leading risk platform from BlackRock.1 With 3,000+ risk factors monitored daily, Aladdin Wealth™ technology drives portfolio transparency for relationship managers so they can deliver a more disciplined approach to investing for clients.

For a complete overview of HSBC Prism Advisory, contact your dedicated Relationship Manager.

What takes Prism beyond the expected?

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Aladdin Wealth™ Analytics

Holistic analysis, powered by industry-leading technology from BlackRock

With a multitude of ways to view and analyse portfolios, HSBC takes a deeper look into the details. Revealing where your exposures lie, exposing unintended risks and helping you make better decisions.

finger pointing to the chart on a screen; image used for HSBC Wealth Portfolio Plus

Portfolio Alerts

Up to date and in the know

We have created alerts which are most pertinent to investors and will deliver them directly to you. We'll ensure you are provided with timely notifications, giving you more opportunity to consider your next steps.

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Strategic Asset Allocation

Build your portfolio

We use asset allocation strategies to create reference portfolios to achieve certain risk and/or return targets .We utilise your risk profile and investment preferences to determine a reference portfolio which is most appropriate for you.

Holistic and Diversified Portfolio

Wider choice of products

We take your overall investment portfolio into account and tailor our recommendations. Unlocking access to a wider choice in products while maintaining risk appetite.

Contract & Fee

Your investment style

With clearly defined agreements on the minimum level of service, we maintain a high level of transparency so you will always know exactly what to expect and precisely how much it will cost.


HSBC Prism Advisory is available to HSBC Jade and Premier clients who hold a Professional Investor status. You can attain this status if you have HKD8 million or its equivalent in assets made up of:

  • Investments based on market value (including stocks, bonds, unit trusts, equity linked investments and more)
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Cash or cash equivalent deposits

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HSBC Prism Advisory helps you see better, monitor better and act better. With a more proactive approach to managing your portfolio. With more options that cater to your specific investment needs and appetites. With more timely information delivered in more accessible ways. With a more structured approach to planning and executing your investment strategy.

Call us

To unlock access to HSBC Prism Advisory, you can also simply contact your dedicated Relationship Manager. If you are not an HSBC Jade / Premier customer yet, get in touch with us or learn more about them.

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Additional information

  1. HSBC has engaged BlackRock Solutions to provide Aladdin Wealth™ technology for HSBC Prism Advisory
  2. WPB Strategic Asset Allocation Booklet (Jade) [PDF]
  3. WPB Strategic Asset Allocation Booklet (Premier) [PDF]
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