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Find the tips, solutions and support you need to level up your finances.

Learn to manage your money like a pro

You don't have to be a pro to make your money grow.

Whether you're looking for suitable ways to save or invest your money, we can help you get started with your journey to financial independence.

Handling your finances like the experts

Get a head start on your financial well-being, no matter if you've already started your career or you're still studying. Set yourself up for success today so you may achieve your financial goals in the future. To help you get on your way, we've put together some tips on saving, investing and protecting yourself.

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Learn to invest in 7 days with Investment 101

It's great that you're setting aside some of your money for the future. Now's the time to put it to work, instead of losing it bit by bit to inflation.

If you're serious about starting to invest, our simple course can teach you the basics in just a week, Sign up and get your first lesson today.

Chat with a Wealth Coach

You can get in touch with a Wealth Coach to:

  • address any questions you might have about investment products and knowledge
  • learn more about HSBC investment products
  • make an appointment via 'Live Chat' or 'Chat with us' to find wealth solutions that are more suited to your needs

Explore our products

  • Wealth made easy
    Explore apps and products built to help you start investing. Remember to check out the features and risks of any products before investing.

Start making your own investments and buying unit trusts with as little as HKD100, right from the palm of your hand.


Make your investing a habit. The SMIP is a subscription that lets you start building your portfolio for as little as HKD1,000 a month.


Take full control of your stock trading with Easy Invest. Trade stocks and get free market insights with just one easy-to-use app.


Save on your taxes and build your retirement nest egg at the same time. Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVCs) let you make up to HKD60,000 worth of tax deductible contributions to your MPF each year.



Future Planner helps you make long-term financial plans holistically and discover your options for achieving your life goals

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Take a few minutes to understand your investment needs and risk appetite.


How financially fit are you? See how you measure up.

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