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2018 HSBC New Series Hong Kong Banknotes

HSBC’s 2018 new series incorporates a unique design narrative that connects Hong Kong’s people, landmarks and nature to showcase the facets of life in Hong Kong.

Facets of life in Hong Kong are portrayed through the interaction between people, as well as between people and nature. Despite technological innovation and economic development, certain values and traditions are always treasured and stand the test of time.

Important information

If you think that a note may be a counterfeit, take it to the nearest police station as soon as possible. Alternatively, call the Commercial Crime Bureau at 2860 5012.

Take a closer look at the new series banknotes

The design of the 2018 series combines innovation with tradition.


Innovative watercolour painting technique

Used to introduce a modern and distinctive artistic style, while traditional banknote engraving techniques are retained. This is the first use of watercolour painting in a Hong Kong banknote.


Traditional elements

HSBC lion “Stitt” first became an icon on HSBC’s banknotes in 1972. “Stitt” and the other HSBC lion sculpture, “Stephen”, have been guarding the HSBC Hong Kong headquarters since 1935, and are named after Alexander Stephen and Gordon Stitt, senior bank managers in Hong Kong and Shanghai during the 1920s.

An extra sense of dynamism is introduced in the 2018 series, where “Stitt” is seen from a different angle on each denomination and appears to be transferring his gaze from one side to the other through the set of five banknotes.