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Credit card limit transfer

Make the best use of your credit card limit – move it between cards without having to provide supporting documents.

Move between your credit limits freely, right away

You can now transfer the limit from one or more primary credit cards to another credit card easily. This way, you can give yourself some flexibility to use your credit limit the way you want. 

  • Your new credit limit will be effective immediately
  • Move your available credit limit, your way at any time via the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app
  • No fees or supporting documents required

How to transfer your credit limit

Step 1

HSBC HK App screen with a credit card highlighted.

Select one of your primary credit cards from the mobile banking home page.

Step 2

HSBC HK App screen with "View more" button highlighted.

Select 'View more' and then select 'Manage credit cards'.

Step 3

HSBC HK App screen with "Credit card limit transfer" button highlighted.

Find 'Card services', select 'Credit card limit transfer'.

Step 4

HSBC HK App screen showing the available credit limit.

Select which credit card you want to transfer your limit to.

Step 5

HSBC HK App screen with "Transfer amount" highlighted.

Enter your preferred transfer amount under one or more cards, then tap 'Continue'.

Step 6

HSBC HK App screen with "Submit" button highlighted.

Review and submit your request.

You're all done!

HSBC HK App screen showing the message of confirmation.

You'll receive notification of your credit limit transfer details via SMS and email.

Download HSBC HK App

HSBC HK App icon

With the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app (HSBC HK App), you can manage your everyday banking needs anytime, anywhere. Discover a wide range of features and services on the app, and experience an ease of use like never before.

Frequently asked questions

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