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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Once I've arrived in Hong Kong, how can I open an account? Where are your branches?

When you arrive in Hong Kong, just go to any of our branches with the required documents and a valid purpose for opening an account and they will arrange everything for you. Find the branch nearest to you.

If I am not an HSBC Hong Kong customer, can you still help me to apply for an overseas account?

As we can only assist customers who have an existing HSBC Hong Kong relationship, you would need to first open an account within Hong Kong. The only exceptions are children under 18 years old who apply for US, Australia and Canada accounts. A valid proof of address will need to be provided.

How long does it take to schedule an appointment with the International Banking Centre (IBC) to open an overseas account?

  • HSBC Jade clients: Same day
  • Premier customers: within 2 working days
  • Advance and other customers: within 5 working days

What are the charges for opening overseas accounts?

  • HSBC Jade clients and Premier customers: Free
  • Advance customers: HKD800
  • Other customers: HKD1,600

Once I have submitted all the required documents, how long does it take for my overseas account to be created?

For HSBC Jade clients and Premier customers, within 10 working days

For Advance and other customers, within 15 working days

Subject to review and approval from overseas office

As a Premier customer, do I need to maintain minimum account balance for my overseas account?

If you've already fulfilled the minimum requirement of HSBC Premier account in either Hong Kong or your home country / territory, no minimum balance is required for the new overseas account. 

As an Advance customer, do I need to maintain minimum account balance for my overseas account? 

You will need to maintain the minimum account balance for your overseas account or you may need to fulfill specific requirement which varies country / territory
by country / territory.

How can I proactively open an account from overseas, before physically arriving in Hong Kong?

To make opening a Hong Kong account as easy as possible, we can help you before you arrive. Simply visit your local HSBC branch and we will arrange for you.

Can I open a joint Hong Kong bank account with my son or daughter?

Yes, if your child is 18 years old or above. HSBC customers with children below 18 years of age can apply for the Hong Kong Junior Pack account.

What is the minimum age for opening a HSBC Hong Kong account?

Hong Kong Premier Junior Pack: 0-17 years old

Sole account with ATM cards: 11 years old or above