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A woman is using her smartphone; image used for Global Payment Tracker.

Global Payment Tracker

Keep an eye on your Outward Telegraphic Transfers

Tracking your Outward Telegraphic Transfers

With the new Global Payment Tracker in the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app and HSBC Online Banking, you can stay on top of your Outward Telegraphic Transfers and get extra details whenever you need.

Why use the Global Payment Tracker?

  • It's easy to use

    Search via debit account and payment date

  • You can use it 24/7

    Track your Outward Telegraphic Transfer round the clock, wherever you are

  • Access it from anywhere

    Simply log on to Online Banking or Mobile Banking to track your international payments.

How it works

  • 1. If you're using Online Banking, log on and go to 'My Banking', then 'Move Money' and select 'Global Payment Tracker'

  • 2. To track payments in the HSBC HK Mobile app, log on and go to the 'Pay & Transfer' tab, then select 'Global Payment Tracker'

  • 3. Search for your payment using the debit account and payment date

  • 4. Check the search results

  • 5. Select the payment you want to view for more details and the transaction history

Frequently Asked Questions

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