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Payments and transfers via HSBC HK App

Make payments and transfers easily and quickly, all on the HSBC HK App.

Mobile payments and transfers just got easier

You can now make payments and transfers even more easily on the HSBC HK App. We've redesigned the 'Pay & Transfer' tab so you can find the features you need more easily. Get the app today and enjoy a more convenient way to bank on the go. 

Key features

Send money on the go more seamlessly

A simpler way to manage your payments and transfers in the redesigned 'Pay & Transfer' tab.

  • Manage your transactions more easily, right in the palm of your hand
  • Bank conveniently on the go or on the couch, whenever you want

At-a-glance view of your recent transfers

See your saved local payees you've transferred to recently, and make transfers to them again more quickly.

  • Save local payees in the app, so you can  quickly pay them in just a few steps
  • See saved local payees you've transferred to recently, and make payments to them again more easily

Add payees to your list directly

You can add new local and global payees in advance, without having made transfers to them yet.

  • Set up your payees now, so you can transfer funds seamlessly in the future
  • Enjoy a more efficient way to bank, saving you time and hassle

Download HSBC HK App

One touch and you're in

With the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app (HSBC HK App), you can manage your everyday banking needs anytime, anywhere. Discover a wide range of features and services on the app, and experience an ease of use like never before. 

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