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A lady is checking her bills while holding her puppy; image used for HSBC Bill Payments Merchant List

Bill Payments

Pay bills anytime anywhere via HSBC Online and Mobile Banking to a wide range of merchants, including utilities, telephone, government and charities through your HSBC bank account, credit card or the Faster Payment System (FPS).


  • Advance transaction date for up to 45 days1 – you can also view and delete the future dated transactions
  • Earn $1 RewardCash for every HKD250 eligible online bill payments2 made with the designated credit cards3 and up to 56-day interest free repayment period for all credit cards
  • Now, you can pay credit card bills of other banks2 with your HSBC credit card – simplify your credit card repayment by consolidating all payments to your HSBC credit card. You can settle your outstanding balances conveniently in just a few taps, with a 1% bill payment handling fee4 (minimum HKD120).

Pay a bill

Download and log on to HSBC HK Mobile Banking app, or log on to Online Banking to get your bills paid without hassle.

Pay government bills with FPS

You can now use FPS to settle Government General Demand Note as well as the bills issued by the following government departments:

  • Inland Revenue Department
  • Lands Department (Government Rent and/or Premium Instalment)
  • Rating and Valuation Department (Rates and/or Government Rent)
  • Water Supplies Department
  • Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (Student Finance Office – Student Loan Repayment)

Simply open the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app and scan the QR code printed on your bill to settle payment instantly.

Say goodbye to long queues!

Key benefits

  • Scan QR code for instant transfers
  • Pay your bills anytime, anywhere
  • Skip the queues

How to pay bills with FPS QR code

Pay with QR code step 1

Step 1 : Select 'Pay with FPS' from the bottom-left of your log on screen. This will open your phone's camera.

(You have to set up a debit account and a small-value payment limit before you can use this function. Selecting 'Pay with FPS' for the first time will guide you to this process.)

Pay with QR code step 2

Step 2: Hold your device over the payee's QR code. Make sure their code is clearly visible and aligned with the square on your screen.

You can also pay someone by using a previously-saved image of a QR code, or add your payee from your device's contact list.

Pay with QR code step 3

Step 3: Enter your Mobile Security Key password or use biometric authentication to verify your identity and proceed with the payment.

Pay with QR code step 4

Step 4: Enter the payment amount. If the QR code has an embedded amount, you won't have to enter anything here.

If the payee's name and the transaction details are correct, select 'Confirm and pay' to complete the transaction.

Pay with QR code step 5

Step 5: Your transfer is complete. You will receive a confirmation via SMS and email.

Activate your Mobile Security Key or biometric authentication with these easy step-by-step instructions

You can transfer up to HKD10,000 daily via QR code when sending money to family and friends.

For all merchants, you can transfer up to HKD10,000 daily when sending money to ecommerce, retail companies, and public utilities.

For selected merchants, you can transfer up to a limit of HKD400,000 daily via QR code, depending on your current non-registered account limit (for Internet/Mobile banking or across channels) and its remaining daily limit, whichever is lower.

You can log on to Personal Internet Banking and visit 'My banking' > 'Daily payment and transfer limits' > 'To non-registered accounts' to check or adjust your daily limit for non-registered accounts.

Notes :

  1. Up to 13 days if pay by credit card.
  2. Please refer to the merchant list in the above section for the merchants that accept credit cards for bill payment. Tax payments, policy loan repayments to insurance companies and payments to finance companies are not eligible for earning RewardCash. Please refer to the 'RewardCash Programme Terms and Conditions' for details.
  3. Classic, Gold or HSBC UnionPay Dual Currency credit cards do not qualify as designated credit cards. RewardCash will be awarded only on the first HKD10,000 in eligible online bill payments made in each monthly statement cycle. T&Cs apply. Please refer to the "RewardCash Programme Terms and Conditions" for details.
  4. Please refer to the 'Bank tariff guide for HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking Customers' for details of the bill payment handling fee. The Bank reserves the right to amend the finance charge and other fees and charges.