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Enjoy peace of mind with a regular payment instruction, sending funds to a third party on designated dates for specified amounts.

What is autoPay?

AutoPay allows you to set up automatic payments for merchants / organisations you'll need to pay frequently. You can set the payment frequency and limit as needed.

Why autoPay?

  • Set up autoPay instructions fee-free via the HSBC HK App
  • Set up unlimited autoPay instructions
  • Use with FPS - you can set up autoPay instructions with mobile number, email and FPS ID
  • Manage autoPay instructions anytime anywhere

We don't charge you if you pay money to, or receive money from accounts from other banks via FPS, but other banks may have different charging policies.

Download or update your app to set up autoPay on the HSBC HK App.

AutoPay merchant / organisation List

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