Transfers and Payments

What is a standing instruction?

When you make a standing instruction, you authorise the Bank to transfer funds on your behalf to another account, or to make a specific payment to a third party on a specified day at regular intervals.


When using autoPay, what do the 'Modify/Edit' and 'Delete' buttons do?

Clicking Modify/Edit allows you to change an existing or newly set up autoPay instruction. The Delete button lets you cancel an existing autoPay transaction.

ATM Chip Cards

Why does HSBC offer both UnionPay and PLUS network ATM chip cards?

To give you more ATM network options when travelling abroad, apart from the current UnionPay ATM card, we have introduced an additional chip card that uses the PLUS network.

The charge for using another bank’s ATM overseas is HKD20 for your UnionPay card and HKD40 for your PLUS network card. These fees are subject to change. You can get the latest figures by reading our bank tariff guide

Charity Donations

How can I tell which charities support the eReceipt service?

Charities that support the eReceipt service are marked with a special indicator on the charity donation list. Please note that in order to use the eReceipt service you can only make a donation by bank account transfer, not by credit card.