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Card support

A woman is using her tablet and credit card; image used for Online Card Activation.

A step-by-step guide to activate your new credit card.

Two women are on an escalator in shopping mall; image used for HSBC Card Rewards.

Learn how to earn and spend your RewardCash anytime with our credit card rewards scheme.

A girl is using her mobile phone; image used for HSBC Reward+.

Manage your credit card anytime, anywhere.

A smiiling woman is using contactless payment with smartphone; image used for HSBC Mobile Payment Services.

Add your HSBC credit card to an Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay device to make quick and easy payments.

A woman is using her octopus card for payment; image used for HSBC Octopus Automatic Add Value Services.

You'll get an extra HKD50 spending rebate after a successful Octopus AAVS set-up.


Make the best use of your credit card limit – move it between cards without having to provide supporting documents.

A couple is shopping online with credit cards; image used for Credit Limit Change.

Learn how to change your credit card limit for extra financial flexibility.

A woman is operating a calculator; image used for HSBC Credit Card Fees and Charges.

Find the latest fees and charges for HSBC credit cards.

A lost wallet on sidewalk; image used for Lost or Stolen Cards.

Report your lost or stolen card immediately to protect your account. You can also choose to place a temporary block on your card, and simply unblock it when it turns up. 

A woman is shopping online with credit card; image used for Transaction Dispute.

If you notice a suspicious charge or didn't receive what you paid for, here's how you can raise a dispute.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!