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HSBC EarlyIncome Deferred Annuity Plan1

Enjoy retirement income and tax deductions. Talk to an Insurance Specialist for more details.

We are living longer – but are we living better?

Many people view the general retirement age2 of 65 as a distant horizon. But the gift of longer lives is diminished if our longevity outpaces our ability to enjoy the lifestyle we have come to cherish. 

As that special day draws closer, now is the right time to plan ahead for a worry-free retirement. To help you maintain the lifestyle you deserve, HSBC EarlyIncome Deferred Annuity Plan (“Deferred EarlyIncome”) allows you to realise benefits today and tomorrow.  


Key features

Deferred EarlyIncome is a deferred annuity insurance policy offering features certified by the Insurance Authority (“IA”) to be compliant with its Guideline on Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy3.

Deferred EarlyIncome is a long-term participating life insurance product with a savings element and is not equivalent or similar to any kind of bank deposit. 

With Deferred EarlyIncome, you can receive the following benefits: 

  • While you can receive a monthly income after just 5 years of payments, you can also opt to leave your proceeds in your plan to accumulate with interest during the annuity period.

  • If you are a taxpayer in Hong Kong, you can apply for tax deduction under salaries tax and personal assessment with Inland Revenue Department of the HKSAR for your qualifying basic premiums paid  up to a maximum of HKD60,000 for each fiscal year3. For details, please refer to the “Important information for Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy” section.

  • HSBC Life, the No. 1 provider of new annuity business in Hong Kong* is well placed to attend to the broad spectrum of customers’ retirement needs.

*Source: Annual Statistics for Long-term Business 2019 issued by the Insurance Authority (Individual Insurers' Statistics:Total Individual Annuity New Business)

Speak with us

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  • (852) 2233 3130

    *(Monday to Friday from 11:00am to 7:30pm except public  holidays)

Limited time offers:

  • Earn up to an extra $3,000 RewardCash!

    Pay new policy’s premium to HSBC Life with HSBC Premier Mastercard® Credit Card* to enjoy the offer. Offer ends 30 June 2021. T&C apply

  • Get up to 12% off your first-year premium

    Offer ends 30 June 2021. T&C apply

  • Get an extra 2% off your first year premium

    HSBC Life Well+ customers can enjoy an extra 2% off on first year premium of selected life insurance plan.
    Offer ends 30 June 2021. T&Cs apply.

Additional benefits

When life surprises you, these plans provide you the following supplementary benefits5 (also known as “rider”) during the policy term, subject to eligibility, with no additional premiums. It’s our way to help you experience a hassle-free life journey.

  1. Additional accidental death cover6
  2. Unemployment benefit7


Please refer to the respective Policy Provisions of the Supplementary Benefits5 for their detailed terms and conditions and relevant exclusions. 

Complimentary special benefits for COVID-19. See details >

How does it work

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The above plans are life insurance plan underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited. Policyholders are subject to the credit risk of HSBC Life and early surrender loss.

Manage your policy

Manage your policy online

Access your policy details anytime, anywhere on both your HSBC HK Mobile Banking app and our Personal Internet Banking webpage, so you can check your benefits and coverage, premium due dates, projected future values and much more at your fingertips.


You can also request for a dividends and/or bonus withdrawal from your policy (if applicable) and submit other service requests on our Personal Internet Banking webpage.

Make a claim

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan and you’ll want to make an insurance claim as soon as possible.


Simply call our Tele-Consultants at (852) 3128 0122 who will assist you in preparing your relevant claim request(s).

Important information for Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy:

  • Tax implication of Qualifying Deferred Annuity Insurance Policy - The Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy (“QDAP”) status of Deferred EarlyIncome does not guarantee that you will be eligible for a tax deduction for QDAP premiums you have paid. Deferred EarlyIncome’s QDAP status is based on the features of the product as well as its certification by the Insurance Authority (“IA”); not necessarily matters regarding your personal situation. Before claiming any tax deductions, you must meet all eligibility requirements set out under the Inland Revenue Ordinance, while following the guidance issued by the Inland Revenue Department of the Hong Kong SAR. Any general tax information provided is for your reference only, and you should not make any tax-related decisions based on such information alone. Please note that the actual tax benefits of this policy would depend on your personal tax position and there might not be tax deductions benefits if you are not subject to salaries tax and personal assessment in the relevant year of assessment. You should always consult with a professional tax advisor if you have any questions or doubts. Please note that the tax law, regulations and / or interpretations are subject to change and may affect any related tax benefits including the eligibility criteria for a tax deduction. The Company is not responsible for informing you about any changes in laws, regulations or interpretations, and how they may affect you. Further information regarding tax concessions applicable to QDAP may be found at the webpage of the IA:
  • Certification of QDAP – Please note that IA’s certification is not a recommendation or endorsement of the policy nor does it guarantee the commercial merits of the policy or its performance.  It does not mean the policy is suitable for all policyholders nor is it an endorsement of its suitability for any particular policyholder or class of policyholders.  The policy has been certified by the IA but such certification does not imply official recommendation.  The IA does not take any responsibility for the contents of the product brochure of the policy, makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness, expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents of the product brochure of the policy.



HSBC EarlyIncome Deferred Annuity Plan is underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited (referred to the Company) which is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority (IA). The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (referred to as "HSBC") is an insurance agent authorised by the Company. 

Policyholder's  benefit is subject to the credit risk of the Company. Your premiums paid will form part of the Company's assets. You do not have any rights or ownership over any of those assets. Your recourse is against the Company only.

If the policyholder discontinues and / or surrenders the insurance plan in the early policy years, the amount of the benefit he / she will get back may be considerably less than the amount of the premium he / she has paid. 

Past, current, projected and / or potential benefits and / or returns (e.g. bonuses, dividends and interest) presented herein are not guaranteed and are for illustrative purposes only. The actual future amounts of benefits and / or returns may be lower than or higher than the currently quoted benefits and / or returns.

For monetary disputes arising between HSBC and you out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, HSBC will enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with you; however any dispute over the contractual terms of the product should be resolved between the Company and you directly.

Please refer to the respective product brochure for detailed features and the Policy Provisions for the detailed terms and conditions.

1 Application for Deferred EarlyIncome is subject to our relevant requirements on your nationality and/or addresses and/or residency as determined by us from time to time.

2 We consider your age to be how old you are on your next birthday. So, if you are 54 with a birthday in 6 months’ time, we consider you to be 55.

3 Tax deduction under salaries tax and personal assessment with Inland Revenue Department from premiums paid under Deferred EarlyIncome shall be subject to your individual circumstances. It is also at Inland Revenue Department’s discretion when your premiums are paid over the premium payment period. Please refer to the “Key Risks - Tax implication of Qualifying Deferred Annuity Insurance Policy” section in respective Product Brochure for details regarding key risk factors.

Monthly Annuity Payment means Monthly Guaranteed Annuity Payment which consist of Monthly Guaranteed Base Annuity and Monthly Guaranteed Additional Annuity plus Monthly Non-guaranteed Annuity Payment (if any). Monthly Non-guaranteed Annuity Payment is not guaranteed and is determined by the Company from time to time.

5 An amendment to an insurance policy that becomes a part of the insurance contract which expands or limits the benefits payable.

6 Additional Accidental Death Benefit will terminate when the Life Insured attains the age2 of 80 or payout of the relevant benefits or the Policy is terminated (whichever is earlier). Your policy will terminate once we pay this benefit.

7 Unemployment Benefit is applicable to policyholder aged between 192 and 642 who is the holder of the Hong Kong Identity Card. The benefit will terminate on the policy anniversary at which the policyholder attains the age2 of 65 or all due premiums have been paid or your policy is terminated (whichever is the earliest).

8 For the same life insured, if the total premiums of all the pending Guaranteed Approval/Simplified Underwriting Applications and in-force policies of RetireEnrich Protection Plus, RetireIncome Annuity Plan, HSBC Wealth Goal Insurance Plan, HSBC Wealth Goal Insurance Plan II, EarlyIncome Annuity Plan, HSBC EarlyIncome Deferred Annuity Plan, Income Goal Insurance Plan, Income Goal Insurance Plan II and HSBC Income Goal Deferred Annuity Plan are:

  • more than the “guaranteed approval” limit of HKD40,000,000 / USD5,000,000, the Life Insured is required to complete a number of simple health questions; or
  • more than the simplified underwriting limit of HKD70,000,000 / USD8,750,000, the application will be further reviewed by the Company, and the acceptance of the application will be subject to the company’s discretion.

*To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!