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Woman playing tennis in wheelchair ; image used for Accessibility for people with disabilities .

Accessibility for people with disabilities

We’re working hard to make banking easy and accessible for all our customers

About our services

We work hard to make banking easy and accessible for all our customers, including those who may need more assistance.

We support customers across a range of platforms to make it easy for them to manage their finances.

Disability etiquette handbook

Ever felt lost on what to do when you encounter someone with a disability? How do you become an inclusion ally at work? Want to create an inclusive culture in your workplace? We've got you covered.

To drive greater awareness on disability etiquette, diversity and inclusion, we've collaborated with our partner NGO CareER to create a handbook for you.

You'll find this handbook to be an informative and practical resource for yourself and your colleagues, especially if you face customers every day.

Use the handy guide to learn more about:

  • The importance of disability inclusion
  • Different types of physical and invisible disabilities, which may not be immediately apparent
  • Tips on how to interact better with customers who have disabilities or special needs
  • The suite of services we offer
  • More details on related topics and useful resources

Barrier-free banking facilities and services

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