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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Why bother with insurance?


Insurance goes hand in hand with risk. Everything you do in life involves some sort of risk. Every day you take risks crossing the road, walking past construction sites and breathing polluted air.

The possibilities for risk are endless, so it's wise to have some kind of medical or life insurance. If you have a family, it is in your interest to protect them.

There are insurance policies that cover just about every risk you can think of, both physical and financial. Considering the benefits available, with proper planning and arrangement the costs you pay can be very reasonable.

The best way to start is to plan what you require by taking into account all the risks involved in your life.

Book Meeting Online

How do I book a meeting online?

You can now book a meeting online with just a few steps. Find out how with the guide below.  

Book a meeting online with our Insurance Specialists

From booking an appointment to meeting with our Insurance Specialists online, you can fulfill your life insurance needs in the comfort of your own home! 

How do I set up a video-enabled meeting and review my sales documents online?

Click on the following links to learn more about: 

Manage your policy

How do I make premium payments for my life insurance policy?

You can use HSBC ATM/ Personal Internet Banking/ PPS/ Payment at Bank/ Cheque / Telegraphic Transfers or RewardCash to make premium payments for your life insurance policy. See details>

HSBC Swift Guard Critical Illness Plan

When does my policy become effective?

Once your application is approved and policy is issued, you'll be covered by your HSBC Swift Guard Critical Illness Plan starting from your policy submission date.


What if I am infected with COVID-19? Do I get the medical coverage from VHIS Plans?

Yes. As in the case of all medically necessary treatments, eligible expenses on the treatments of COVID-19 infection as well as the adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations (including expenses incurred for hospitalisation, day case procedures and prescribed diagnostic imaging tests in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world) are covered according to the benefit schedule of your VHIS Plan.

HSBC Family Protector

What is the protection period of the Policy?


This Policy provides life coverage up to the Age of 80.


Can non-HKID holders apply for TravelSurance?

Yes, non-HKID holders can apply for TravelSurance via HSBC Branches, as long as the trip starts from, and returns to, the Hong Kong SAR.

Motor Insurance

Which documents make up my Insurance Policy?


Your Application Policy Schedule and Policy Wording together make up your insurance policy. Please read the related documents together to make sure you know what covered is provided and any terms and conditions that may apply. Also, the Certificate of Insurance in the pack should always be kept with you in your car as proof of insurance.



I live in my home which is owned by my parents and they do not live with me. What cover can ResidenceSurance offer me as "occupier" in this situation?


If you are an occupier (but neither you nor your family members are tenants), ResidenceSurance provides 3 major coverages:

  • accidental loss of and damage to your and your family's household contents and valuables, desktop computer/laptop computer/tablet computer in your home;
  • accidental loss of and damage to personal effects and valuables, desktop computer/laptop computer/tablet computer of you and your family members occurring anywhere in the world; and
  • your, your family member's and your domestic helper's personal liability as a result of accidental injury/property damage to a third party. Furthermore, if you wish to have a better coverage for your personal property (e.g. jewellery, watches, etc.), you may select the top-up worldwide all risks and specified item add-ons that best fit your needs.


How do you classify an incident as an Accident?


An accident is an unexpected, unforeseeable and external event, such as a fall or a car crash, which causes physical injury like a broken limb or torn muscle. A disease or an illness is not classified as an accident.


Fire Insurance

What will be covered by Fire Insurance? What if the damages incurred from some other natural hazards like typhoon, flood etc., will it be covered?


Fire Insurance covers your home structure, or fixing and fittings, against hazard and provides you with the financial resources to replace what you have lost. 

There are two plans for selection, one is Standard Cover and the other is Comprehensive Cover.

Here outlines the features of Standard Cover:

- Fire and lightning

- Explosion

- Typhoon, windstorm and flood

- Landslide and subsidence

- Earthquake

Here outlines the features of Comprehensive Cover:

- Fire and lightning

- Explosion

- Typhoon, windstorm and flood

- Landslide and subsidence

- Earthquake

- Damage caused by aircraft

- Vehicle impact (caused by a third party's vehicle)

- Riot and strike

- Malicious damage

- Burst or overflow of water tanks, apparatus & pipes

The above information is intended as a general summary. Please refer to the policy wording for exact terms and conditions and details of the exclusions.

HelperShield Insurance

How HelperShield Insurance cover my liability as an employer when my foreign domestic helper is accompanying me or my family member(s) to take overseas trips?


HelperShield Insurance provides a worldwide coverage up to HKD100,000,000 per event under Section 1 Employees' Compensation for your liability as an employer to your foreign domestic helper when, on a mutual consent basis ,your foreign domestic helper follows you/your family members to go abroad for vacation and perform his/ her duty for household chores as the foreign domestic helper during the overseas trips. AXA will not be liable for any judgment against you which is delivered by or obtained from a court outside Hong Kong SAR. Also, AXA will not be liable for a judgment or order obtained in the Hong Kong SAR for the enforcement of a judgment obtained outside Hong Kong SAR. Please be reminded to observe the relevant visa requirements, laws and regulations of the destination country/territory before you decide to take your foreign domestic helper for overseas trips and particular attention to the insurance arrangements, e.g. travel insurance for leisure travel and cover the foreign domestic helper's medical expenses, personal belongings, personal liability, etc.  No coverage under HelperShield Insurance will be provided if your foreign domestic helper has bodily injury or death by accident or disease which does not arise out of performing  his or her duty other than household chores during the overseas trips.


Why are pre-existing conditions not covered? Why are some sicknesses excluded during the first year and some excluded during the first six months?


Pre-existing conditions are commonly excluded in medical and hospitalisation policies because it is not the insurer's intention to cover the cost of an existing condition. Therefore, it is usual to exclude injuries or sicknesses which occur, exist, commence or present signs or symptoms before the commencement of the policy coverage. The definition of pre-existing condition is defined in the policy document. Please refer to the policy for details.

The sickness listed as exclusions are mostly common chronic illnesses which normally require a development period ranging from six months to one year. Some diseases require a longer range of development cycle to develop symptoms than others. In general, those illnesses excluded during the first year are believed to have a longer development period (e.g. Tumours of internal organs).

FirstCare Plus Medical Insurance

What is a pre-existing condition?


A pre-existing condition is a medical condition that has started before your insurance went into effect. Your pre-existing conditions will not be covered under FirstCare Plus Medical Insurance. Please refer to the policy provisions for the definition of pre-existing conditions.

Cancer Care Insurance Plan

Is medical check-up required?


Application for Cancer Care is easy with no medical check-up is required.

WholeLife Protection Plan

How much can I get back if I surrender the policy?


You can get back the guaranteed cash value plus any accumulated dividends and interest (plus the balance of a single payment subject to a surrender charge for single payment policies). Please note that if you cash in or surrender your policy before the maturity date, the amount you get back may be less than the premiums you have paid.

Income Goal Insurance Plan

During the annuity period, is the Monthly Annuity Payment guaranteed? If I withdraw any accumulated dividends and interest under my policy during the policy term, how does this affect my Monthly Non-guaranteed Annuity Payment portion?


The Monthly Annuity Payment consists of Monthly Guaranteed Annuity Payment plus Monthly Non-guaranteed Annuity Payment.

The Monthly Non-guaranteed Annuity Payment is mainly derived from the accumulated dividends and interest and projected dividends and interest. Any adjustment affecting the dividends and interest and Special Bonus, which may include but not limited to dividend and interest withdrawals, change of dividend scale or Special Bonus scale or applicable interest rate on the accumulated dividends and interest balance, will trigger re-calculation of the Monthly Non-guaranteed Annuity Payment.

Goal Access Universal Life Plan (Protection)

When can I withdraw from the policy? Are there any requirements, restriction and charges involved?


If you need money to cope with any unexpected or planned life events, for a regular premium policy, you can withdraw from the policy account after the end of the premium payment period. For a single premium policy, you can withdraw from the policy account on or after the first policy anniversary. Withdrawals are subject to (i) a Surrender Charge applicable in the first 10 policy years ranging from 1% to 45% depending on the policy year and premium payment period; (ii) a minimum amount of USD625 per withdrawal; and (iii) a minimum Account Value balance of USD2,500 after withdrawal.

Withdrawals will reduce the Account Value which may reduce the Death Benefit and increase the chance of policy lapses. The policy will lapse when the Account Value is not sufficient to cover the policy charges for 45 consecutive days.

Goal Access Universal Life Plan (Education)

How is Goal Access Universal Life Plan (Education) different from other insurance plans?


Goal Access Universal Life Plan (Education) is specially designed for customers who want to have an insurance plan to meet their needs for protection and education fund of their children with a high degree of flexibility. Not only it offers protection and great flexibility in growing and managing your savings, but also it allows you to adjust your sum insured to meet your changing needs over time.

Mortgage Protection Plan

Will my mortgage insurance cover terminated immediately after I have completed all the mortgage payments or the property was sold out?


Following your successful application, the plan continues to provide coverage unless you notify us to cancel the policy in case your need for protection changes, for example, when the property was sold or all related mortgage payments have been settled.

HSBC Comprehensive Critical Illness Protection Plan

Is HSBC Comprehensive Critical Illness Protection Plan (the "Plan") a saving plan with free insurance cover?


No. HSBC Comprehensive Critical Illness Protection Plan is an insurance plan that gives you protection against 60 critical illnesses. In addition, the Plan provides annual dividends, if any, which you can cash out or accumulate at an interest rate as determined by HSBC Life (International) Limited (the "Company") from time to time.

Preferred Care

Would I be able to choose the hospital under Preferred Care?


Based on your condition, Preferred Global Health, Ltd. (PGH) will recommend an appropriate hospital from the higher ranking hospitals in the USA. PGH will consider all reasonable requests for treatment location that are medically sound and involving the higher ranking hospitals in the USA for the patient's condition.

Worldwide Elite Medical Plan

Where can I get medical treatment that is covered by Worldwide Elite Medical Plan?

AXA will reimburse you the costs incurred in receiving eligible medical treatments from any registered doctors* or hospitals (including general practitioners, specialists or health professionals) worldwide.

* Refers to a medical practitioner who is a duly qualified in the field of western medicine registered and legally authorised in the geographical area of his practice to render western medical or surgical services but excludes the Insured Person himself, the Policyholder, anyone with the same residence as the Insured Person or who is a member of the Insured Person’s immediate family or an enterprise owned by one of the above-mentioned persons. For the avoidance of doubt, a Medical Practitioner does not include a Dental Practitioner.

Document Upload

What is Document Upload?

Document Upload is a platform located in Personal Internet Banking, HSBC HK Mobile Banking app, and HSBC Public Website for customers to upload any supplementary documents for new insurance applications and to request or provide supplementary documents for policy servicing and claims.

This service is only applicable to life insurance policies underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited.

HSBC Life Earn Your Watch

What are the Apple Watch models offered under Earn Your Watch?

Earn Your Watch offers you Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE.


Here are the Apple Watch Series 7 models you can select.

  • 41/45mm Green Aluminum Case with Clover Sport Band (GPS/ GPS + Cellular)
  • 41/45mm Starlight Aluminum Case with Starlight Sport Band (GPS/ GPS + Cellular)
  • 41/45mm Midnight Aluminum Case with Midnight Sport Band (GPS/ GPS + Cellular)
  • 41/45mm Blue Aluminum Case with Abyss Blue Sport Band (GPS/ GPS + Cellular)
  • 41/45mm (PRODUCT) RED Aluminum Case with (PRODUCT) RED Sport Band (GPS/ GPS + Cellular)


Here are the Apple Watch SE models you can select.

  • 40/44mm Silver Aluminum Case with Abyss Blue Sport Band (GPS/ GPS + Cellular)
  • 40/44mm Gold Aluminium Case with Starlight Sport Band (GPS/ GPS + Cellular)
  • 40/44mm Space Gray Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band (GPS/ GPS + Cellular)

HSBC Swift Save Insurance Plan

In what currency will I make my premium payments?

You can pay for your premiums in HKD or the policy currency through your HSBC bank account. If you choose the monthly payment option, you can only pay with your HSBC HKD bank account.

HSBC One cancer coverage FAQs

Who is eligible for this insurance coverage?

Customers of HSBC in Hong Kong who have fulfilled all of the following requirements:

  • successfully opens or upgrades to an HSBC One integrated account via the HSBC HK App or HSBC Online Banking from 3 July 2023 to 31 December 2023 (both dates inclusive); and
  • be a HKID holder and locates in Hong Kong SAR when opening the HSBC One integrated account; and
  • be aged between 18 and 64 (age at the Eligible Customer’s last birthday) on the date of account opening or upgrade; and
  • whose country of residence is not USA or Japan; and
  • who remains an HSBC integrated account holder during the coverage effective period.


When is the benefit cover started and how long is the coverage period (i.e. Coverage Effective Period)?

The coverage will be effective from the HSBC One successful account opening/upgrade date of each eligible customer and last for 15 months (including waiting period). E.g. If account opening date is 1 August 2023, Coverage Effective Period is 1 August 2023 – 31 October 2024.