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MPF Academy offers you a series of videos on MPF-related supporting tools and financial planning to enhance your MPF and investment knowledge.

HSBC MPF: Equip your loved one today for a brighter tomorrow
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HSBC MPF: Make a commitment for your beloved ones today
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Market outlook in 2 minutes (2019 Q4)

Investment management

Retirement planning can be simple. The following videos offer financial tips and market updates to help you enhance your financial knowledge.

Market outlook in 2 minutes (2019 Q4)
Effective MPF management (I)
Moving Average Strategy
Effective MPF management (II)
Value Averaging Strategy
Effective MPF management (III)
Select funds based on risk levels

Know your MPF

Do you want to review and manage your MPF account more effectively? Watch the videos below about MPF-related supporting tools.

MPF Member Benefit Statement (I)
Introduction to MPF member benefit statement
MPF Member Benefit Statement (II)
Understand your accrued benefit, focus on your retirement goal
MPF Member Benefit Statement (III)
Understand your contribution summary, asset allocation and investment allocation to effectively manage your MPF
MPF Fund Fact Sheet (I)
Introduction to MPF Fund Fact Sheet
MPF Fund Fact Sheet (II)
A closer look at fund performance
MPF Fund Fact Sheet (III)
Understanding Fund Expense Ratio (FER) and Risk Rating
MPF Fund Fact Sheet (IV)
Set the investment objectives, make your own choice

Know about us

HSBC MPF has tailored its services to provide you with comprehensive MPF support as your trusted retirement partner.

Comprehensive e-Services for employers
Empowering you for a bright future - Employee version
Empowering you for a bright future - Employer version
Let’s start from here (Employee enrolment video)

Risk disclosure and disclaimers

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The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in any products unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.

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