HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account

HSBC MPF brings you a brand new self-service experience by extending our services to the WeChat platform. The HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account is available now (terms and conditions apply).

Key highlights of HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account:

  • Virtual assistant ‘Emma’ can provide answers for your general enquiries anytime, anywhere
  • Easy access to HSBC MPF information
  • Educational information on MPF account management and retirement planning
  • Updates on the latest HSBC MPF developments via push notifications
  • Available on both Android and iPhone devices


Act Now!  Follow our HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account!

Step 1: Search WeChat ID ‘HSBCMPF’ or 
scan the QR code under the ‘Discover’ tab

Step 2: Follow HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account

Account management and virtual assistant ‘Emma’

Account management

  • Notifications can be enabled from the 'Receive Articles' option under the 'Settings' tab on the HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account to ensure that electronic articles will reach your WeChat account. You can disable this function anytime you wish to stop receiving electronic articles
  • You can click 'Unfollow' on the HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account main page to stop following the account
  • Do not use the embedded browser function available on WeChat to log on to Personal Internet Banking

Virtual assistant ‘Emma’

  • Emma is a virtual assistant equipped with artificial intelligence to answer your general MPF enquiries anytime, anywhere
  • You can interact with Emma using simple complete sentences to receive general MPF information and access MPF forms
  • Emma does not have access to any personal account information and does not provide account binding services. Please do not give out any personal/account information to Emma