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A handsome man is using his computer; image used MPF e-Services.

HSBC MPF e-Services

Managing your MPF account at ease with the e-Service at one-stop

HSBC MPF e-Services

We provide comprehensive e-Services to help employers and members to manage MPF account easily.

Download the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app now to experience.

e-Services for employers and members

Email notification

For employer who have registered email address with us, we will remind employers to submit contribution by email before the contribution day of each calendar month. In addition, after received the remittance statement, we will send an email acknowledgment of receipt of the remittance statement* to relevant employers. 

Employers can register or update their email address using “Change of employers details form”.

*Exclude remittance statement received thru HSBC Business Internet Banking (BIB), as the acknowledgment of receipt of remittance statement has already been provided to employers on BIB upon successful submission.

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Electronic channel for remittance statement submission

As an employer, you will have to submit remittance statement to trustee regularly. Making MPF contributions through electronic channel can save time in handling the administrative work, it can also minimise calculation mistakes and avoid potential surcharge from miscalculation.

We offer four different ways to prepare and submit remittance statement.

  1. MPF eServices in HSBC HK Business Express mobile app and Business Internet Banking
        • We will preload your latest contribution record as a reference. You can amend the details for employees accordingly, for example the relevant income or last employment date
        • The platform will calculate the mandatory contributions according to the relevant income, minimise manual errors    
        • You can prepare the remittance statement in advance and set a later direct debit date
  2. Designated encrypted email through ‘SecureMail’ account and channel
        • You will receive an encrypted email with the electronic remittance statement (e-RS) from HSBC MPF after registering to the service 
        • The e-RS preloaded your latest contribution record as a reference. You can amend the details for employees accordingly, for example the relevant income or last employment date
        • You can submit the completed e-RS through our designated encrypted ‘SecureMail’ account and channel, ensuring data security and saving your time
  3. HR software with MPF contributions facilities
        • Offered by third parties HR software providers
        • Equipped with functions such as data validation, input checking and MPF contributions calculation to reduce calculation mistakes
  4. Customised file interface
        • Designed for companies or enterprises with internal HR system
        • Support a customised file interface
        • Please contact us for arrangement

For details, you can click here to watch the demo videos or you can contact HSBC MPF Employer Hotline at 2583 8033 to learn more.

HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account

HSBC MPF brings customers a brand new self-service experience by extending our service to WeChat platform. Key highlights of our WeChat account includes: 

  • Virtual Assistant ‘Emma’ to provide answers for general enquiry anytime, anywhere
  • Easy access to HSBC MPF information and latest updates
  • Tips on MPF account management and retirement planning
  • Available on both Android and iPhone platforms

Act now! Search WeChat ID “HSBCMPF” to follow our HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account! For further details, please refer to HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account dedicated page.