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General support

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Visit our Employer FAQ section, where you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

Want to submit an MPF document?

Send your MPF documents, including remittance statements or other instructions through authorised channels to our MPF department for processing. Authorised channels include:

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

PO Box 73770 Kowloon Central Post Office

Alternatively, you can place your documents into the MPF Drop-In Box in designated branches.

MPF drop-in boxes have been set up at designated branches for the collection of MPF documents submitted by customers, such as paper remittance statements and cheque payments. Submissions of MPF documents via the drop-in boxes will be forwarded to our MPF department for processing.

Channels other than the authorised channels specified above are regarded as unauthorised channels. Submissions of MPF documents to unauthorised channels include:

  1. Staff at service counters at branches
  2. Branches without the MPF Drop-In Box 
  3. Other collection boxes in the branches (eg collection boxes for cheque payments).


Employers and/or self-employed people should not hand in any MPF documents (in particular paper remittance statements and cheque payments that must be submitted on time according to MPF legislation) to unauthorised channels.

Any submission of MPF documents to unauthorised channels will not be forwarded to the MPF department for processing and it may take longer for the documents to be transferred to the MPF department. While the receipt date by the MPF department will be stamped only when the documents reach the department, employers and/or self-employed persons should note that this will result in delays in receiving and processing paper remittance statements or other instructions.

Failure to pay mandatory contributions in full and on time to a trustee incurs a 5% surcharge on the outstanding mandatory contributions, along with the possibility of a financial penalty and even imprisonment by the MPFA. Refer to the MPFA's website for details of offences and penalties.

Prefer to speak to us?

Call our HSBC MPF employer hotline at +852 2583 8033 during operating hours from 8.30am to 7.30pm on Monday to Friday, and 8.30am to 1pm on Saturday (except public holidays).

You can also meet with our MPF service team at designated branches from Monday to Friday during opening hours for enquiries.