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Securing your future

We can help you achieve a secure future

MPF for employees

Start planning today so you can prepare for tomorrow. Learn more about our MPF scheme for employees.

Why choose HSBC MPF

You can count on our expertise. We're experienced in all aspects of operating an MPF scheme, enabling us to help you come up with a comprehensive retirement plan.


Whether you've changed jobs, reached retirement age, or received a pay rise, learn more about the choices available to you when your situation changes.


Enjoy a range of eServices and manage your MPF account(s) at your fingertips.


Learn how to transfer your accrued benefits and switch to HSBC MPF.


Discover how and when you're eligible to withdraw your accrued benefits.


Find out more about the MPF default investment arrangement. 


We provide comprehensive e-Services to help you to manage MPF account easily anytime, anywhere.

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We'll offer promotions and host seminars throughout the year to help you learn more about MPF.