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Renminbi Transfers Services4

Use renminbi transfers to move your renminbi funds easily around the world.

Renminbi Transfers Services

Transfer funds from your renminbi account with HSBC in Hong Kong to other renminbi account within or outside Hong Kong1.

  • Set up standing instructions easily with Personal Internet Banking
  • Transfer up to RMB80,000 per day from your renminbi account with HSBC in Hong Kong to your renminbi account under the same name in China2
  • No limit on renminbi remittance amount to other countries/regions outside China
  • Global Transfers3 is exclusive for HSBC Premier / HSBC One customers. Customers can make near real-time transfer of renminbi between self-named accounts and transfer renminbi to HSBC account overseas anytime.

How to apply

HSBC Personal Internet Banking customers

Use your Security Device / Mobile Security Key to log on and apply

HSBC customers without a Security Device / Mobile Security Key

Manage Your Renminbi


HSBC Premier and HSBC One customers can set their own target rate and automatically make transactions when the rate is hit.

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See the latest market trends at a glance with regular FX updates.

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Applicable to HSBC Premier customers only.

Help And Support

  1. Remittance in renminbi will be subject to the local regulation of the country/region you are remitting to.
  2. Customers’ (who are Hong Kong residents) daily outward remittance amount may be checked by the renminbi clearing bank. The account name of your beneficiary account in the Mainland must be identical with your HSBC renminbi savings account, including joint account. renminbi funds that have been remitted to your renminbi account under the same name in the Mainland and which have not been withdrawn may, after appropriate verification, be remitted back to your renminbi savings account under the same name in Hong Kong. Conditions may apply including those specified by the bank concerned in the Mainland.
  3. Renminbi transfers from Hong Kong accounts can only be made to renminbi accounts in the receiving country/region via Global Transfer (this service is not applicable to accounts with China as the receiving country/region).

Renminbi Transfers Risk Disclosure

4Currency conversion risk - the value of your renminbi deposit will be subject to the risk of exchange rate fluctuation. If you choose to convert your renminbi deposit to other currencies at an exchange rate that is less favorable than that in which you made your original conversion to renminbi, you may suffer loss in principal.