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MPF for employees

Transferring my MPF to HSBC

Transferring to HSBC MPF

When you change jobs, you can transfer accrued benefits accumulated from your previous employment to one personal account with HSBC MPF.

If you already have an HSBC MPF account, but you're moving to a new job with a different provider, you can choose to retain your accrued benefits in a personal account with us.

With over 40 years of experience helping people reach their retirement goals in Hong Kong, you can count on us to find you a comprehensive MPF solution.

How do I transfer to HSBC MPF?

It's easy to join HSBC from another service provider. We'll make your MPF transfer simple and efficient.


All you need to do is complete the forms below and submit them to us.

Why consolidate your MPF accounts?

It's not unusual for members to have more than one MPF accounts, especially if you've had previous employers with different MPF service providers. The more MPF accounts you hold, the more difficult the management can be.

The key to MPF management is to keep things simple. You can consolidate multiple personal accounts and transfer all accrued benefits to a personal account under the scheme of your choice.

Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA)

You can transfer your accrued benefits attributable to your own employee mandatory contributions made under your current employment (so for employee mandatory contributions only) to a personal account with HSBC MPF or any MPF scheme of your choice once every calendar year, that is 1 January to 31 December.  


Even if you’ve exercised your transfer right under ECA, the new MPF contributions, including both employer and employee mandatory and voluntary contributions for subsequent contribution periods will continue to be made to the MPF scheme of your current employer’s choice but not to the new scheme of your choice. 

Our MPF Scheme

Our HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund – SuperTrust Plus offers a range of diversified Constituent Funds as investment options. 


Download and complete the Scheme Member's Request for Fund Transfer Form, Scheme Member's Request for Account Consolidation Form or Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA) - Transfer Election Form, and send them to us. If you are not an existing HSBC MPF member, you can download and complete the Personal Account Holder Application Form to apply a personal account under HSBC MPF. 

Scheme Member's Request for Fund Transfer Form

Scheme Member’s Request for Account Consolidation Form

Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA) - Transfer Election Form

Personal Account Holder Application Forms

For assistance, call our MPF member hotline at +852 3128 0128

Important notes

  • The information contained here is for reference only and will be updated without notice. The provisions of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance, other applicable legislation/regulations and guidelines or announcements published by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority shall prevail for any information on MPF system. If you are in doubt about the meaning or the effect of the contents of this website, you should seek independent professional advice.
  • Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The value of financial instruments, in particular stocks and shares, and any income from such financial instruments, may go down as well as up. For further details including the product features and risks involved, please refer to the MPF Scheme Brochure.