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Enjoy tax savings with potential returns

Open an HSBC MPF TVC account and make contributions to enjoy up to HKD60,000 tax deduction and HKD3,000 bonus unit rebates.
Investment involves risks. T&Cs apply.

Transferring to HSBC MPF

You may at any time choose to have ALL accrued benefits in your tax deductible voluntary contribution (TVC) account in another Registered Scheme transferred to your TVC account under HSBC MPF. However, transfer of TVC accrued benefits in part or to a contribution account / personal account will not be accepted.

HSBC with over 40 years of experience helping people reach their retirement goals in Hong Kong, you can count on us to find you a comprehensive MPF solution.

Few points to note about transfer of TVC

  • You may at any time choose to transfer the accrued benefits derived from TVC between Registered Schemes offering TVC.
  • The TVC transfer must be in a lump sum and the entire balance of accrued benefits must be transferred. 
  • The TVC account in the original scheme from which the accrued benefits are transferred (resulting in zero balance and no transaction activity in respect of that TVC account for 365 days) may be terminated upon such transfer.
  • For avoidance of doubt, transfer of accrued benefits derived from a TVC account to the TVC account in another Registered Scheme is not considered as new TVCs, and hence will not be eligible for claiming further tax deductions. However, the trustee of the original scheme from which you transfer shall issue you a statement to summarise the TVCs that you have paid towards that scheme, with which you may use for claiming the corresponding tax deduction. 
  • Transfer of TVC accrued benefits to another TVC account of yours in HSBC MPF will also be subject to the same preservation and withdrawal restrictions applicable to mandatory contributions in the MPF regulations.

Download forms

Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions Account Transfer Form

Please download and complete the form

Scheme Member’s Request For Transfer of Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions

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Important notes

  • The information contained here is for reference only and will be updated without notice. The provisions of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance. Other applicable legislation/regulations and guidelines or announcements published by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority shall prevail for any information on MPF system. If you are in doubt about the meaning or the effect of the contents of this website, you should seek independent professional advice.
  • lnvestment involves risks. Past per performance is not indicative of future performance. The value of financial instruments, in particular stocks and shares, and any income from such financial instruments, may go down as well as up. For further details including the product features and risks involved, please refer to the MPF Scheme Brochure.