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Paving your future

Understanding MPF

Learn more about MPF and how it can help you plan for life after retirement.

What is the benefit of being with HSBC MPF?

Know more about the products and services we offer at HSBC MPF and how you can benefit as an employer, employee, a personal account holder, a self-employed person or tax deductible voluntary contributions account holder.


Our HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund – SuperTrust Plus offers diversified Constituent Funds to choose from. 


We can help you manage changes to your MPF at every stage, whether you're hiring employees or changing jobs.


With a wide range of information and services at your fingertips, MPF management could not be easier.


Find out more about the MPF default investment arrangement. 

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HSBC MPF offer various promotions and host seminars throughout the year to help you learn more about MPF.