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Understanding MPF

When your situation changes

Learn more about the responsibilities you have as a member of MPF and how you can make the best choices for you and your employees at every stage.

We can help you manage your MPF

Hiring employees

If you're an employer, you must remember to select an MPF scheme, enrol your employees within the permitted period and make contributions for them.

Becoming an employee

When you join a company, you must submit your Employee Application Form through your employer and select Constituent Funds for your MPF scheme. You must make mandatory contributions to your MPF if you earn above the minimum relevant income.


You can also make voluntary contributions through your employer, on your own through tax deductible voluntary contributions or Flexi-Contributions.

Changing jobs as an employee

When you change jobs, you should manage the accrued benefits from mandatory contributions from your previous employment.

Reaching retirement age

Whether you’ve reach retirement age or your personal circumstances have changed, discover how and when you’re eligible to withdraw your accrued benefits.

Tools to help you assess your situation

Retirement planner

How much will I need to support my retirement lifestyle in Hong Kong?

Learn about the monthly budget you'll likely need to fund 4 different retirement lifestyles – basic, modest, comfortable or affluent – in the latest Retirement Monitor.