Manage your MPF personal account online

Personal Internet Banking allows you to check your MPF account balances and contribution history, and change your investment allocation.

If you're an existing online banking user, you can log on and access your MPF account.

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We provide comprehensive e-Services to help you to manage MPF account easily anytime, anywhere.

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Summary of individual constituent fund performances in HSBC MPF scheme. 

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Information on investment objectives, portfolio allocation and holdings, and commentary on market conditions for each constituent fund.

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It includes a detailed summary of account movements for the scheme financial year, and from the first day you joined the scheme.

MPF/ORSO hotlines

HSBC MPF Members Hotline: (852) 3128 0128

HSBC MPF Employer Hotline: (852) 2583 8033

HSBC ORSO Services Hotline: (852) 2288 6655


Our MPF member hotline is a 24-hour interactive voice response system that helps members manage their accounts.

Find out if you have saved enough for your retirement.

Find your nearest branch offering an MPF drop-in box and services.

Monitor and manage your MPF

With HSBC, you can enjoy the convenience of managing your MPF account through our comprehensive service:

  • Our MPF website
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Our MPF member hotline at +852 3128 0128
  • Our ATM service
  • Our extensive branch network
  • Enrolment video
  • Quarterly Fund Fact Sheet
  • Monthly Fund Performance Summary


Managing your MPF account is easy via online banking. You can check your MPF account balances and contribution history for the last 18 months, and change your investment allocation whenever you want.

If you're a registered online banking user, you can automatically access your MPF account information provided you use the same identification numbers, namely your HKID or passport number, for your MPF account and your bank or credit card account.

Instant access to the information you need regarding your MPF account:

Channels to access MPF account information
  Online banking
(for personal customers)

MPF member hotline
HSBC and Hang Seng Bank ATMs
Consolidated bank statement1
Latest contribution


Total account balance


Account balance by employer or by fund


(by account)
Latest unit prices of funds
Fund information
Change of investment allocation
Changing online banking password or MPF phone PIN
Changing online password
Changing MPF phone PIN
Commonly used forms

1 Applicable to HSBC Jade, HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance or Personal Integrated Account customers. Refer to the 'Mail statement' section in our Member Services Guide for details.

View a demonstration of our online banking services.

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